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【Bisa COD!!!】L1 Mini Projector 1080P Full HD LED Movie proyektor Home Theater Video

Rp 859.000,00 Rp 1.699.000,00

Beli Produk ini Dapat Potongan Otomatis Sebesar Rp50.000,Jangan Ragu-Ragu,Segera Pesan! Diskon Terbatas,Habis Tidak Ada Lagi!

Bullet Points:
1、Rich HDMI/USB/TF card interface for various devices, 2.8 meters can project 80-inch large screen, small bedroom instantly turns into home theater, supports 1080P, 16.7 million color gamut brings you a more vivid color viewing experience .
2、Excellent projection function combined with built-in HIFI speaker, is your child's best companion for playing games/watching movies/animals/listening music and learning, built-in stereo HIFI sound, exciting children's singing and dancing talent.
3、Easy to use, to meet the curiosity of children of all ages, 30,000 hours of ultra-durable LED light source, more efficient cooling system.
4、Cute and unique design, powerful features, making L1 more and more popular among children, is the most suitable gift for children to watch videos, listen to music, hold parties and learn.
5、Do you want a mini powerful projector to accompany your child to grow? L1 will be your best choice.

L1 projector Mini 1080 HD home leisure projector HDMI USB TF multimedia projector.

1. Rich HDMI/USB/TF card interface for various devices, 2.8 meters can project 80-inch large screen, small bedroom instantly turns into home theater, supports 1080P, 16.7 million color gamut brings you a more vivid color viewing experience .
2. Excellent projection function combined with built-in HIFI speaker, is your child's best companion for playing games/watching movies/animals/listening music and learning, built-in stereo HIFI sound, exciting children's singing and dancing talent.
3. Easy to use, to meet the curiosity of children of all ages, 30,000 hours of ultra-durable LED light source, more efficient cooling system.
4. Cute and unique design, powerful features, making L1 more and more popular among children, is the most suitable  gift for children to watch videos, listen to music, hold parties and learn.
5. Do you want a mini powerful projector to accompany your child to grow? L1 will be your best choice.

Product model: L1
Power: AC 90-240V/DC 12V@2A
Display technology: 2 inch LCD screen 480*320p
Light source: RGB, LED
Projection image size: 40-100 inches
Support resolution: 1920*1080p
Projection distance: 1m to 4m
Speaker: 5W*1
Remote battery: 2 AAA batteries (without battery)

Interface: infrared receiving port (front X1, rear X1), USB interface *1/HDMI*1/audio output*1/power input*1/TF card*1/TV signal interface*1 (optional ATSC/HDTV version)

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